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Robert J.T. Bell: Coordinate Solid Geometry

Published $\text {1938}$, Macmillan and Co., Limited.

Reprint of chapters I to IX of An Elementary Treatise on Coordinate Geometry of Three Dimensions from 1911.

Subject Matter


Publisher's Note (May, 1938)
Chapter I: Systems of Coordinates. The Equation to a Surface
Chapter II: Projections. Direction-Cosines. Direction-Ratios
Chapter III: The Plane. The Straight Line. The Volume of a Tetrahedron.
Chapter IV: Change of Axes
Chapter V: The Sphere
Chapter VI: The Cone
Chapter VII: The Central Conicoids. The Cone. The Paraboloids
Chapter VIII: The Axes of Plane Sections. Circular Sections.
Chapter IX: Generating Lines
Miscellaneous Examples I.
Miscellaneous Examples II.