Book:W.H. Young/The Theory of Sets of Points

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W.H. Young and Grace Chisholm Young: The Theory of Sets of Points

Published $\text {1906}$, Cambridge: at the University Press.

Subject Matter


Preface (W.H. Young, Heswall, May 1906.)
Chapter I. Rational and Irrational Numbers
Chapter II. Representation of Numbers on the Straight Line
Chapter III. The Descriptive Theory of Linear Sets of Points
Chapter IV. Potency, and the Generalised Idea of a Cardinal Number
Chapter V. Content
Chapter VI. Order
Chapter VII. Cantor's Numbers
Chapter VIII. Preliminary Notions of Plane Sets
Chapter IX. Regions and Sets of Regions
Chapter X. Curves
Chapter XI. Potency of Plane Sets
Chapter XII. Plane Content and Area
Chapter XIII. Length and Linear Content
Index of Proper Names
General Index