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Let $A$ be a class.

Let $x$ be a set.

Let $P \left({x}\right)$ be a well-formed formula in the language of set theory.

Let $P \left({A}\right)$ denote the formula $P\left({x}\right)$ with all free instances of $x$ replaced with instances of $A$.

Let $\left\{{x: P \left({x}\right)}\right\}$ be a class specified using class builder notation.


$A \in \left\{{x : P \left({x}\right)}\right\} \iff \left({\exists x: x = A \land P \left({A}\right)}\right)$


\(\ds A \in \left\{ {x : P \left({x}\right)}\right\}\) \(\implies\) \(\ds \exists x \in \left\{ {x : P \left({x}\right)}\right\}: A = x\) Definition of class membership
\(\ds \) \(\implies\) \(\ds \exists x: \left({x = A \land P \left({x}\right)}\right)\) Definition of bounded existential quantifier
\(\ds \) \(\implies\) \(\ds \exists x: \left({x = A \land P \left({A}\right)}\right)\) Substitutivity of Class Equality


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