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Let $\left \langle {x_n} \right \rangle$ be a bounded sequence in $\R$.

Let $L$ be the set of all real numbers which are the limit of some subsequence of $\left \langle {x_n} \right \rangle$.

From Existence of Maximum and Minimum of Bounded Sequence, $L$ has a maximum.

This maximum is called the limit superior.

It can be denoted:

$\displaystyle \limsup_{n \to \infty} \left({x_n}\right) = \overline l$

It can be defined as:

$\displaystyle \limsup_{n \to \infty} \left({x_n}\right) = \inf \ \left\{{\sup_{m \ge n} x_m: n \in \N}\right\}$

Also known as

The limit superior is also known as the upper limit, or just limsup.

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Linguistic Note

The plural of limit superior is limits superior. This is because limit is the noun and superior is the adjective qualifying that noun.