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Magnetic flux density is the force exerted on a charged particle perpendicular to its velocity through a magnetic field.

Hence it is a measure of the intensity of that magnetic field.


The usual symbol used to denote magnetic flux density is $\mathbf B$.


Magnetic flux density has the dimension $\mathsf {M T}^{-2} \mathsf I^{-1}$.


The SI unit for magnetic flux density is the tesla $\mathrm T$:

$1 \ \mathrm T = 1 \ \mathrm {kg} \, \mathrm s^{-2} \mathrm A^{-1}$

that is:

$1 \ \mathrm T = 1 \ \mathrm N \, \mathrm m^{-1} \mathrm A^{-1}$

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