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Let $\struct {\R, \tau_d}$ be the real number line with the usual (Euclidean) topology.

Let $A$ denote the set defined as:

$A := \set {\dfrac 1 n: n \in \Z_{>0} }$

Let $\tau$ be the topology defined as:

$\tau = \set {H: \exists U \in \tau_d, B \subseteq A: H = U \setminus B}$

That is, $\tau$ consists of the open sets of $\struct {\R, \tau_d}$ which have had any number of the set of the reciprocals of the positive integers removed.

$\tau$ is then referred to as Smirnov's deleted sequence topology on $\R$.

Also known as

$\tau$ can also be seen referred to as just the Smirnov topology.

Some sources call it the $K$-topology, after a conventional definition of $K$ as being the set $\set {\dfrac 1 n: n \in \Z_{>0} }$.

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Source of Name

This entry was named for Yurii Mikhailovich Smirnov.

Historical Note

Smirnov's deleted sequence topology appears first to have been discussed by Yurii Mikhailovich Smirnov in his $1951$ paper in connection with his metrization theorem.