Existence of Subgroup whose Index is Prime Power

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Let $G$ be a finite group.

Let $H$ be a normal subgroup of $G$ which has a finite index in $G$.


$p^k \divides \index G H$


$p$ is a prime number
$k \in \Z_{>0}$ is a (strictly) positive integer
$\divides$ denotes divisibility.

Then $G$ contains a subgroup $K$ such that:

$\index K H = p^k$


The order $\order {G / H}$ of the quotient group $G / H$ is $\index G H$.

Hence $p^k$ divides $\order {G / H}$.

By Group has Subgroups of All Prime Power Factors, $G / H$ has a subgroup of order $p^k$.

By Correspondence Theorem, this subgroup is in the form $K / H$ where $H \le K \le G$.

Hence the result.