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Full name: محمد بن موسى ابو جعفر الخوارزمي‎ -- Muḥammad bin Mūsā Abū Ǧaʿfar al-Ḫawārazmī.

Mathematician who lived and worked in Baghdad.

Famous for his book The Algebra, which contained the first systematic description of the solution to linear and quadratic equations.

Sometimes referred to as "the father of algebra", but some claim the title should belong to Diophantus.




  • Born: c. 780
  • Died: c. 850

Theorems and Definitions

  • The term algebra comes from the al-ğabr part of the title of his most famous work.
  • The related terms algorism and algorithm are derived from the Latin form of his name Al-Khwarismi.


Also known as

The name can be arranged differently, for example: Abū 'Abd Allāh Muḥammad ibn Mūsā Abū al-Khwārizmī.

It means: Father of Abdullah, Mohammed, son of Moses, native of Khwārizm.

Lake Khwārizm is what the Aral Sea was once called. The Khwārizm area is in the Amu river basin just south of there.