Multiplicative Ordering on Integers

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Let $x, y, z \in \Z$ such that $z > 0$.


$x < y \iff z x < z y$
$x \le y \iff z x \le z y$


Let $z > 0$.

Let $M_z: \Z \to \Z$ be the mapping defined as:

$\forall x \in \Z: \map {M_z} x = z x$

All we need to do is show that $M_z$ is an order embedding from $\struct {\Z, +, \le}$ to itself.

By Monomorphism from Total Ordering, we just need to show that:

$x < y \implies z x < z y$

If $x < y$, then $0 < y - x$, so $z \in \N$ and $y - x \in \N$ by Natural Numbers are Non-Negative Integers.

Thus by Ordering on Natural Numbers is Compatible with Multiplication:

$z \paren {y - x} \in \N$


$0 < z \paren {y - x} = z y - z x$

That is:

$z x < z y$