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Logical NAND

$P \mathop {\bar \curlywedge} Q$

Logical NAND.

A binary operation on two propositions.

$P \mathop {\bar \curlywedge} Q$ means not both $P$ and $Q$ together.

The $\LaTeX$ code for \(P \mathop {\bar \curlywedge} Q\) is P \mathop {\bar \curlywedge} Q .

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The usual ways of expressing not both $P$ and $Q$ together nowadays are:

$\neg \paren {P \land Q}$
$\overline {P \land Q}$
$P \uparrow Q$

Historical Note

The modified ampheck was derived from the ampheck symbol, used by Charles Sanders Peirce to denote the Logical NOR.