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I.M. Gelfand and S.V. Fomin: Calculus of Variations

Published $\text {1963}$, Dover Publications

ISBN 0-486-41448-5 (translated by Richard A. Silverman)

Subject Matter

Calculus of Variations


Authors' Preface (I.M. Gelfand and S.V. Fomin)
Translator's Preface (Richard A. Silverman)
1 Elements of the Theory
2 Further Generalizations
3 The General Variation of a Functional
4 The Canonical Form of the Euler Equations and Related Topics
5 The Second Variation. Sufficient Conditions for a Weak Extremum
6 Fields. Sufficient Conditions for a Strong Extremum
7 Variational Problems Involving Multiple Integrals
8 Direct Methods in the Calculus of Variations
Appendix I: Propagation of Disturbances and the Canonical Equations
Appendix II: Variational Methods in Problems of Optimal Control



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