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Ukrainian mathematician who contributed considerably to many branches of mathematics, including group theory, representation theory and linear algebra.

Did much good work in the field of education.

Not to be confused with Alexander Gelfond.

Wolf Prize

Israel Moiseevich Gelfand was awarded a Wolf Prize for Mathematics in $\text {1978}$:

For his work in functional analysis, group representation, and for his seminal contributions to many areas of mathematics and its applications.


Ukrainian / Soviet / Russian


  • Born: 2 September 1913, Okny, Ukraine (then part of the Russian Empire, now Krasniye Okny, in Kherson Oblast, Ukraine)
  • Died: 5 October 2009, Highland Park, New Jersey, USA

Theorems and Definitions

Results named for Israel Moiseevich Gelfand can be found here.

Definitions of concepts named for Israel Moiseevich Gelfand can be found here.


Also known as

Variants of the transcription of his name can be seen, for example Israïl Moyseyovich Gel'fand.

Also rendered as:

  • Yiddish: ישראל געלפֿאַנד
  • Russian: Израиль Моисеевич Гельфанд
  • Ukrainian: Ізраїль Мойсейович Гельфанд