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Joseph A. Gallian: Contemporary Abstract Algebra (9th Edition)

Published $\text {2017}$, Cengage Learning

ISBN 978-1-305-65796-0

Subject Matter


Part 1: Integers and Equivalence Relations
Chapter 0: Preliminaries
Part 2: Groups
Chapter 1: Introduction to Groups
Chapter 2: Groups
Chapter 3: Finite Groups, Subgroups
Chapter 4: Cyclic Groups
Chapter 5: Permutation Groups
Chapter 6: Isomorphisms
Chapter 7: Cosets and Lagrange's Theorem
Chapter 8: External Direct Products
Chapter 9: Normal Subgroups and Factor Groups
Chapter 10: Group Homomorphisms
Chapter 11: Fundamental Theorem of Finite Abelian Groups
Part 3: Rings
Chapter 12: Introduction to Rings
Chapter 13: Integral Domains
Chapter 14: Ideals and Factor Rings
Chapter 15: Ring Homomorphisms
Chapter 16: Polynomial Rings
Chapter 17: Factorization of Polynomials
Chapter 18: Divisibility in Integral Domains
Part 4: Fields
Chapter 19: Vector Spaces
Chapter 20: Extension Fields
Chapter 21: Algebraic Extensions
Chapter 22: Finite Fields
Chapter 23: Geometric Constructions
Part 5: Special Topics
Chapter 24: Sylow Theorems
Chapter 25: Finite Simple Groups
Chapter 26: Generators and Relations
Chapter 27: Symmetry Groups
Chapter 28: Frieze Groups and Crystallographic Groups
Chapter 29: Symmetry and Counting
Chapter 30: Cayley Digraphs of Groups
Chapter 31: Introduction to Algebraic Coding Theory
Chapter 32: An Introduction to Galois Theory
Chapter 33: Cyclotomic Extensions
Selected Answers
Index of Mathmaticians
Index of Terms

Further Editions