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Let $M$ be a smooth manifold.

Let $m \in M$ be a point.

Let $V$ be an open neighborhood of $m$.

Let $C^\infty \left({V, \R}\right)$ be defined as the set of all smooth mappings $f: V \to \R$.

Definition 1

A tangent vector $X_m$ on $M$ at $m$ is a linear transformation:

$X_m: C^\infty \left({V, \R}\right) \to \R$

which satisfies the Leibniz law:

$\displaystyle X_m \left({f g}\right) = X_m \left({f}\right) \, g \left({m}\right) + f \left({m}\right) \, X_m \left({g}\right)$

Definition 2

Let $I$ be an open real interval with $0 \in I$.

Let $\gamma: I \to M$ be a smooth curve with $\gamma \left({0}\right) = m$.

Then a tangent vector $X_m$ at a point $m \in M$ is a mapping

$X_m: C^\infty \left({V, \R}\right) \to \R$

defined by:

$X_m \left({f} \right) := \dfrac {\mathrm d} {\mathrm d \tau} {\restriction_0} \, f \circ \gamma \left({\tau}\right)$

for all $f \in C^\infty \left({V, \R}\right)$.

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