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Thomas may refer to:

Thomas Harriot $($$\text {c. 1560}$ – $\text {1621}$$)$

English astronomer, mathematician, ethnographer and translator.

His name is variously reported as Harriott, Hariot, or Heriot.

Made great advances in algebra, recognising all roots of equations even whether they be negative or complex.

Had less influence than he might have done, as no mathematical writings of his were ever published in his lifetime.

Was at one point credited with the invention of $>$ and $<$ for greater than and less than, but it appears that they were in fact invented by somebody else.
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Thomas Hobbes $($$\text {1588}$ – $\text {1679}$$)$

English thinker better known for being an astute political philosopher than as a mathematician.

Best known in mathematical circles for believing that he had solved the problem of Squaring the Circle.

Generally considered a mathematical ignoramus, his influence was perhaps of greater importance than generally considered, if only because of the stimulating controversy and discussion he raised.
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Thomas Bayes $($$\text {1702}$ – $\text {1761}$$)$

The Rev. Thomas Bayes was a mathematician and Presbyterian minister.

Most famous for his formulation of what is now known as Bayes' Theorem.
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Thomas Godfrey $($$\text {1704}$ – $\text {1749}$$)$

American inventor who invented the sextant, independently of John Hadley.

One of the founder members of the American Philosophical Society.
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Thomas Simpson $($$\text {1710}$ – $\text {1761}$$)$

British mathematician and inventor.

Eponym of Simpson's Rule to approximate definite integrals.
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Thomas Robert Malthus $($$\text {1766}$ – $\text {1834}$$)$

English cleric and scholar, influential in the fields of political economy and demography.
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Thomas Joannes Stieltjes $($$\text {1856}$ – $\text {1894}$$)$

Dutch mathematician whose main fields of study included continued fractions and measure theory.
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Thomas Little Heath $($$\text {1861}$ – $\text {1940}$$)$

English Civil servant who is best known for his scholarly translations of the Greek classics of mathematics into English.
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Thomas John I'Anson Bromwich $($$\text {1875}$ – $\text {1929}$$)$

English all-rounder mathematician who committed suicide from mental illness supposedly brought on by overwork.
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Thomas Murray MacRobert $($$\text {1884}$ – $\text {1962}$$)$

British mathematician working mainly in analysis.
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Henry Thomas Herbert Piaggio $($$\text {1884}$ – $\text {1967}$$)$

English mathematician best known for his text book An Elementary Treatise on Differential Equations and their Applications.
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Edward Thomas Copson $($$\text {1901}$ – $\text {1980}$$)$

British mathematician best known for his textbooks in various fields.
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William Thomas Tutte $($$\text {1917}$ – $\text {2002}$$)$

English codebreaker and mathematician working on the foundations of graph theory and matroid theory.

Made a fundamental breakthrough in cryptanalysis of the Lorenz cipher, which contributed significantly to the defeat of Germany in the Second World War.
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Geoffrey Thomas Kneebone $($$\text {1918}$ – $\text {2003}$$)$

British mathematician who worked in geometry, set theory and mathematical logic.

Best known for his collaborative writings with John Greenlees Semple.
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Thomas James Willmore $($$\text {1919}$ – $\text {2005}$$)$

British mathematician best known for his work on differential geometry.
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Thomas Crombie Schelling $($$\text {1921}$ – $\text {2016}$$)$

American economist and professor of foreign policy, national security, nuclear strategy, and arms control.

An authority on game theory.
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Thomas Andrew Lehrer $($$\text {b. 1928}$$)$

Mathematics lecturer at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Far better known for his brief but successful musical career.
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Iain Thomas Arthur Carpenter Adamson $($$\text {1928}$ – $\text {2010}$$)$

Scottish mathematician best known for his work in field theory.
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Thomas Walter Bannerman Kibble $($$\text {1932}$ – $\text {2016}$$)$

British theoretical physicist, mainly working in quantum field theory, especially the interface between high-energy particle physics and cosmology.

Best known as one of the first to describe the Higgs mechanism, and for his research on topological defects.

From the 1950s was concerned about the nuclear arms race.

From 1970 took leading roles in promoting the social responsibility of the scientist.

Senior research investigator at the Blackett Laboratory and Emeritus Professor of Theoretical Physics at Imperial College London.
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John David Thomas $($$\text {1933}$ – $\text {2021}$$)$

American mathematician working in toplogy.

Best known for the topological constructs Thomas's plank and Thomas's corkscrew.
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Thomas William Hungerford $($$\text {1936}$ – $\text {2014}$$)$

American mathematician working in algebra and mathematics education.
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Thomas Scott Blyth $($$\text {b. 1938}$$)$

Scottish mathematician working in abstract algebra.
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Anthony Thomas Sudbery $($$\text {b. 1943}$$)$

British mathematician working on group theory, complex analysis, combinatorics and quantum mechanics.
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Thomas J. Jech $($$\text {b. 1944}$$)$

Czech-born mathematician who specializes in set theory.
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Thomas H. Cormen $($$\text {b. 1956}$$)$

American mathematician and computer scientist, best known for being the co-author of Introduction to Algorithms, along with Charles E. Leiserson, Ronald L. Rivest and Cliff Stein.
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Thomas C. Bartee

Author of:

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Thomas Bevan

Author of:

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Thomas Bole

Translator (into English) (with Stephen Pollard) of:

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Thomas Greenwood

Proposer of Greenwood's Conjecture, demonstrably false.
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Thomas R. Parkin

Author of:

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Thomas Povey

Author of:

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