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Dutch mathematician whose main fields of study included continued fractions and measure theory.




  • Born: 29 Dec 1856, Zwolle, Overijssel, The Netherlands
  • 1873: Started studies at Polytechnical School of Delft
  • 1875-76: Failed examinations
  • April 1877: Became assistant astronomer at Leiden Observatory, via his influential father
  • 23 June 1878: Father died in Rotterdam
  • 8 November 1882: Began a correspondence with Charles Hermite
  • 1 January 1883: Allowed by Van de Sande-Bakhuyzen, the director of Leiden Observatory, to work more on mathematical topics
  • May 1883: Married Elizabeth Intveld (who encouraged him to give up astronomy for mathematics)
  • September 1883: Asked to substitute at the University of Delft for F J van den Berg, who was ill
  • 1 December 1883: Resigned from observatory, joined staff of University of Delft full-time
  • 1883-84: Failed to gain a position at Groningen because of his lack of a degree
  • 1884: Failed, because of a missed communication, to gain a position at Leiden
  • April 1885: Went with his family to Paris
  • 1885: Elected to the Royal Academy of Sciences in Amsterdam
  • 1886: Received doctorate of science for a thesis on asymptotic series
  • 1886: Appointed to the University of Toulouse
  • 1889: Appointed to a chair of differential and integral calculus in Toulouse
  • Died: 31 Dec 1894 in Toulouse, France

Theorems and Definitions

Definitions of concepts named for Thomas Joannes Stieltjes can be found here.


  • 18 June 1894: Recherches sur les fractions continues

Also known as

His name can also be seen rendered as Thomas Jan Stieltjes.