Subgroup of Direct Product is not necessarily Direct Product of Subgroups

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Let $G$ and $H$ be groups.

Let $G \times H$ denote the direct product of $G$ and $H$.

Let $K$ be a subgroup of $G \times H$.

Then it is not necessarily the case that $K$ is of the form:

$G' \times H'$


$G'$ is a subgroup of $G$
$H'$ is a subgroup of $H$.


Let $G = H = C_2$, the cyclic group of order $2$.

Let $G = \gen x$ and $H = \gen y$, so that:

$G = \set {e_G, x}$
$H = \set {e_H, y}$

where $e_G$ and $e_H$ are the identity elements of $G$ and $H$ respectively.

Consider the element $\tuple {x, y} \in G \times H$.

We have that:

$\gen {\tuple {x, y} } =\set {\tuple {e_G, e_H}, \tuple {x, y} }$

but this is not the direct product of a subgroup of $G$ with a subgroup of $H$.