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This category contains definitions related to Canonical Injections in the context of Abstract Algebra.
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Let $\struct {S_1, \circ_1}$ and $\struct {S_2, \circ_2}$ be algebraic structures with identities $e_1, e_2$ respectively.

The following mappings:

$\inj_1: \struct {S_1, \circ_1} \to \struct {S_1, \circ_1} \times \struct {S_2, \circ_2}: \forall x \in S_1: \map {\inj_1} x = \tuple {x, e_2}$
$\inj_2: \struct {S_2, \circ_2} \to \struct {S_1, \circ_1} \times \struct {S_2, \circ_2}: \forall x \in S_2: \map {\inj_2} x = \tuple {e_1, x}$

are called the canonical injections.

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