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Austrian-American mathematician mainly working in abstract algebra and topology.

Father of Michael Artin.




  • Born: 3 March 1898, Vienna, Austria
  • Died: 20 Dec 1962, Hamburg, Germany

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Notable Quotes

We all believe that mathematics is an art. The author of a book, the lecturer in a classroom tries to convey the structural beauty of mathematics to his readers, to his listeners. In this attempt he must always fail. Mathematics is logical to be sure; each conclusion is drawn from previously derived statements. Yet the whole of it, the real piece of art, is not linear; worse than that its perception should be instantaneous. We all have experienced on some rare occasions the feeling of elation in realizing that we have enabled our listeners to see at a moment's glance the whole architecture and all its ramifications. How can this be achieved? Clinging stubbornly to the logical sequence inhibits visualization of the whole, and yet this logical structure must predominate or chaos would result.
-- 1953: Bourbaki: Éléments de mathématique (Review) (Bull. Amer. Math. Soc. Vol. 59: pp. 474 – 479)
-- Quoted in the foreword to 1971: Allan Clark: Elements of Abstract Algebra.