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Indian astronomer, mathematician, and astrologer.

One of several early mathematicians to discover what is now known as Pascal's triangle.

Defined the algebraic properties of zero and negative numbers.

Improved the accuracy of the sine tables of Aryabhata I.

Made some insightful observations in the field of optics.




  • Born: 505 CE, Kapitthaka, Avanti region (roughly corresponding to modern-day Malwa)
  • Died: 587 CE



  • c. 575: Pancha-Siddhantika (or Pañcasiddhāntikā) ([Treatise] on the Five [Astronomical] Canons), a summary of five works, now lost:
    • Surya Siddhanta
    • Romaka Siddhanta
    • Paulisa Siddhanta
    • Vasishtha Siddhanta
    • Paitamaha Siddhantas

Several works on astrology:

  • Brihat Jataka: one of the five main treatises on Hindu astrology on horoscopy
  • Laghu Jataka (also known as Swalpa Jataka)
  • Samasa Samhita (also known as Lagu Samhita or Swalpa Samhita)
  • Brihat Yogayatra (also known as Mahayatra or Yakshaswamedhiya yatra)
  • Yoga Yatra (also known as Swalpa yatra)
  • Tikkani Yatra
  • Brihat Vivaha Patal
  • Lagu Vivaha Patal (also known as Swalpa Vivaha Patal)
  • Lagna Varahi
  • Kutuhala Manjari
  • Daivajna Vallabha (apocryphal)

Also known as

The name can also be rendered Varāhamihira.