Smallest Field is Field

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The ring $\struct {\set {0_R, 1_R}, +, \circ}$ is the smallest algebraic structure which is a field.


From Field Contains at least 2 Elements, a field must contain at least two elements.

Hence the null ring, which contains one element, is not a field.

For $\struct {\set {0_R, 1_R}, +, \circ}$ to be a field:

$\struct {\set {0_R, 1_R}, +}$ must be an abelian group.

This is fulfilled as this is the parity group.

$\struct {\set {0_R, 1_R}, \circ}$ must be a commutative division ring.

This is fulfilled, as $\struct {\set {0_R, 1_R}^*, \circ} = \struct {\set {1_R}, \circ}$ is the trivial group.

$\circ$ needs to distribute over $+$. This follows directly from Ring Product with Zero and the behaviour of the identity element in a group.