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Length of Perimeter of Cardioid


1. Select the proof P you want to put up as POTW.
2. Edit P to put this at the top:
<!--{{Previous POTW|<today>}}-->
replacing <today> with today's date.
3. Edit the previous POTW to change:
<!--{{Previous POTW|<somedate>}}-->
{{Previous POTW|<somedate>|<today>}}
4. Edit this page to:
(a) add the old POTW to the top of the list;
(b) put the new POTW into the two places where the last one was.
5. There appears to be a bug in MediaWiki (at least, in the version installed as of the 4th July 2014) which causes any transcluded pages not to be refreshed in a parent page until that parent page is edited.
So, the final step is: Edit and Save the Main Page (making no changes to it).

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