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$\mathrm B$ or $\mathrm b$

The hexadecimal digit $11$.

Its $\LaTeX$ code is \mathrm B  or \mathrm b.

Bernoulli Distribution

$X \sim \Bernoulli p$

$X$ has the Bernoulli distribution with parameter $p$.

The $\LaTeX$ code for \(X \sim \Bernoulli {p}\) is X \sim \Bernoulli {p} .

Binomial Distribution

$X \sim \Binomial n p$

$X$ has the Binomial distribution with parameters $n$ and $p$.

The $\LaTeX$ code for \(X \sim \Binomial {n} {p}\) is X \sim \Binomial {n} {p} .

Magnetic Flux Density

$\mathbf B$

The usual symbol used to denote magnetic flux density is $\mathbf B$.

Its $\LaTeX$ code is \mathbf B .

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