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Hi there! I'm a graduate of the University of San Francisco, BS Mathematics, and a graduate student and TA at San Francisco State.

I'm particuarly interested in topology, and it is in this area I intend to contribute to Proofwiki.

Pages and Such

I've done a lot of topology, some number theory, differential geometry... just a bunch of stuff.


I'm working on putting all of my lecture notes in topology up here, drawing heavily on 3 reference texts: Guillemin and Pollacks Differential Topology, Bredon's Topology and Geometry, and Hocking and Youngs Topology.

I hope to get cracking on knot theory soon-ish.

Pages I've Written

I keep this for my own reference, so I can keep track of what I should finish and what I've abandoned and what I would like to still do.

Complex Functions

Analytic Continuation of Riemann Zeta Function

Trivial Zeroes of Riemann Zeta Function are Even Negative Integers

Equivalence of Definitions of Riemann Zeta Function

Derivative of Riemann Zeta Function

Reciprocal of Riemann Zeta Function

Square of Riemann Zeta Function

Gamma Difference Equation

Zeroes of Gamma Function

Poles of Gamma Function

Equivalence of Definitions of Gamma Function

Analytic Function Theory

Zeroes of Analytic Function are Isolated

Uniqueness of Analytic Continuation

Cauchy Integral Theorem

Existence of Laurent Series

Equivalence of Definitions of Analytic Function

Fundamental Theorem of Algebra

Multivariate Calculus

Classical Stokes' Theorem

Divergence Theorem

Green's Theorem

Differential Geometry

General Stokes' Theorem

Implications of Stokes' Theorem

Existence of Local Coordinates

Manipulation of Exterior Derivative


Manipulation of Absolutely Convergent Series

Product of Sums

Product Form of Sum on Completely Multiplicative Function

Ingham's Theorem on Convergent Dirichlet Series

Number Theory

Prime Number Theorem

Order of Möbius Function

Euler Phi Function in terms of Möbius Function

Order of Divisor Count Function

Harmonic Series is Divergent

Knot Theory

Alexander Polynomial is a Knot Invariant

Measure Theory

Banach-Tarski Paradox

Equidecomposable Nested Sets

Hausdorff Paradox

Equidecomposability is an Equivalence Relation

Equidecomposable Subsets

Existence of Non-Measurable Subset of Real Numbers

Equidecomposability Unaffected by Union

Measure of Interval is Length

Countable Set has Measure Zero

Measurable Image

Measurable Sets form Algebra of Sets


Five Color Theorem

Kuratowski's Theorem


Weak Whitney Immersion Theorem

Classification of Compact One-Manifolds

Classification of Compact Two-Manifolds

Classification of Compact Three-Manifolds Supporting Zero-Curvature Geometry

Metric Induces Topology

Heine-Borel Theorem

Rokhlin's Theorem on Bounded Manifolds and Induced Spin Structures

H-Cobordism Theorem

Homotopy Group is Group

Homology Group is Group

Rokhlin's Theorem

List of Fundamental Groups for 2-Manifolds

Fundamental Group is Independent of Base Point for Path-Connected Space

Homotopy Group is Homeomorphism Invariant

Brouwer's Fixed Point Theorem

Extendability Theorem for Intersection Numbers

Relative Homotopy is Equivalence Relation

Preimage Theorem

Retraction Theorem

Sard's Theorem

Poincaré Conjecture


Classification of Groups of Order up to 15

Group of Order p q is Cyclic

Dicyclic Group is Non-Abelian Group

Fundamental Theorem of Finite Abelian Groups

Integration Theory

Lebesgue Integral is Extension of Darboux Integral

Assorted and Uncategorized

Properties of Algebras of Sets

Ostrowski's Theorem

P-adic Metric is Norm

My Homework Pages