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For more comprehensive information on the lives and works of mathematicians through the ages, see the MacTutor History of Mathematics archive, created by John J. O'Connor and Edmund F. Robertson.

The army of those who have made at least one definite contribution to mathematics as we know it soon becomes a mob as we look back over history; 6,000 or 8,000 names press forward for some word from us to preserve them from oblivion, and once the bolder leaders have been recognised it becomes largely a matter of arbitrary, illogical legislation to judge who of the clamouring multitude shall be permitted to survive and who be condemned to be forgotten.
-- Eric Temple Bell: Men of Mathematics, 1937, Victor Gollancz, London

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$1835$: William Stanley Jevons
$1882$: Henry Maurice Sheffer


$1850$: Alfred Pringsheim
$1863$: Lars Edvard Phragmén
$1877$: Frederick Soddy
$1878$: Maurice René Fréchet
$1913$: Israel Moiseevich Gelfand
$1923$: René Frédéric Thom
$1936$: Peter Clingerman Fishburn
$1939$: Richard Anthony Brualdi
$1941$: Teodor Precupanu
$1944$: Franz Halter-Koch
$1950$: John Marshall Lee


$1814$: James Joseph Sylvester
$1884$: Solomon Lefschetz
$1908$: Lev Semenovich Pontryagin
$1913$: Abraham Charnes


$1940$: George Stephen Boolos


$1667$: Giovanni Girolamo Saccheri
$1725$: Jean-Étienne Montucla
$1950$: Gerd Rudolph


$1907$: Maurice George Kendall
$1940$: Elwyn Ralph Berlekamp


$1707$: Georges Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon
$1819$: Jean-Claude Bouquet
$1962$: Andrew James Granville


$1584$: Grégoire de Saint-Vincent
$1588$: Marin Mersenne
$1861$: Percy John Heawood
$1915$: Yehoshua Bar-Hillel
$1928$: Evelyn Martin Lansdowne Beale


$1860$: Frank Morley
$1921$: Yurii Mikhailovich Smirnov
$1946$: Adrian Frederick Melhuish Smith


$1839$: Charles Sanders Peirce
$1847$: William Symes Andrews


$1877$: James Hopwood Jeans
$1884$: Harvey Fletcher
$1931$: John Winsor Pratt


$1877$: Georg Karl Wilhelm Hamel
$1908$: James Morton Hyslop
$1916$: Anthony Henry Basson
$1921$: Pierre Samuel
$1946$: Jean-Marc Deshouillers


$1873$: Constantin Carathéodory
$1885$: Wilhelm Johann Eugen Blaschke
$1914$: Robert Osher Schlaifer
$1923$: Peter Karl Henrici


$1891$: Ivan Matveevich Vinogradov


$973$: Abu Rayhan Muhammad ibn Ahmad Al-Biruni
$1886$: Paul Pierre Lévy
$1919$: Derek Frank Lawden
$1926$: Jean-Pierre Albert Achille Serre


$1494$: Francesco Maurolico
$1932$: Mizan Rahman


$1826$: Georg Friedrich Bernhard Riemann
$1905$: Hans Freudenthal
$1941$: David William Boyd
$1964$: Trevor Dion Wooley


$1752$: Adrien-Marie Legendre
$1907$: Edwin Mattison McMillan


$1749$: Jean Baptiste Joseph Delambre
$1888$: James Waddell Alexander II
$1914$: Ky Fan
$1917$: Kai Lai Chung
$1933$: Jack Cohen
$1964$: Simon Lehna Singh


$1547$: Abu al-Faiz ibn Mubarak
$1842$: Alexander Wilhelm von Brill
$1861$: Frank Nelson Cole
$1887$: Erich Hecke
$1928$: Donald Gordon Higman
$1930$: Richard Merett Montague


$1884$: Dénes Kőnig


$1765$: Paolo Ruffini
$1791$: Michael Faraday
$1888$: Aubrey John Kempner
$1903$: Andrey Andreyevich Markov Jr.
$1939$: John Bligh Conway
$1948$: Gaston Henry Gonnet


$1768$: William Wallace
$1921$: Franklin Arno Graybill


$1501$: Gerolamo Cardano
$1766$: John Farey
$1801$: Mikhail Vasilyevich Ostrogradsky
$1844$: Max Noether
$1891$: William Frederick Friedman
$1923$: Raoul Bott
$1945$: Ian Nicholas Stewart


$1613$: Claude Perrault
$1819$: George Salmon
$1888$: Stefan Mazurkiewicz
$1893$: Carl Harald Cramér
$1893$: Alexander Markowich Ostrowski
$1921$: Robert Clay Prim
$1938$: Derek John Scott Robinson
$1947$: Peter Lawrence Montgomery


$1731$: Giovanni Francesco Giuseppe Malfatti
$1854$: Percy Alexander MacMahon
$1920$: John Gilbert Hocking
$1928$: Halsey Lawrence Royden
$1935$: Wilson Alexander Sutherland


$1876$: Earle Raymond Hedrick
$1879$: Hans Hahn
$1940$: Kenneth George Binmore


$1819$: Claude Séraphin Moret-Blanc
$1873$: Julian Lowell Coolidge
$1893$: Hilda Geiringer von Mises
$1901$: Kurt Otto Friedrichs


$1803$: Jacques Charles François Sturm
$1935$: Hillel Furstenberg


$1894$: Dirk Jan Struik
$1913$: Samuel Eilenberg
$1916$: Richard Kenneth Guy
$1935$: Lokenath Debnath

Precise date unknown

$1698$: Pierre Louis Moreau de Maupertuis

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