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I reckon it's about time I started on another item of displacement activity, that is: documenting how far I have got with the task of transferring the contents of the works on my bookshelf into pages on $\mathsf{Pr} \infty \mathsf{fWiki}$.

This will of course be an ongoing task.

In chronological order of works:

  • Then by chapters (work in progress):

Revisiting this book
  • 1975: Bert Mendelson: Introduction to Topology (3rd ed.) ... (previous) ... (next): Chapter $1$: Theory of Sets: $\S 10$: Arbitrary Products: Exercise $1$: Work needed on establishing rigorous definitions and understandable interpretations of a general cartesian product of a family of sets indexed by an uncountable set.
(Chapters consisting of nothing but detailed calculation have not been implemented. Exercises also not done.)
The full documentation of both $0$ and $1$ has been skipped, through laziness.

More or less complete

Section $39$ has been omitted as it is a discursion with an imprecise structure.
The bulk of the exercises remain to be documented.
except for a number of sundry results in section $142,857$

Other progress

Prime number sequence: 733