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I reckon it's about time I started on another item of displacement activity, that is: documenting how far I have got with the task of transferring the contents of the works on my bookshelf into pages on $\mathsf{Pr} \infty \mathsf{fWiki}$.

This will of course be an ongoing task.

In chronological order of works:

There are some examples not processed
Still some work to be done structuring 1942: James M. Hyslop: Infinite Series which has some entries not yet included in the source flow
Reworking, so as to implement the titles correctly:
Redo from start
Redo from start
Redo from start
To be revisited
Revisit from $\S 2.2$: confusion over definition of piecewise differentiable. Recheck entire work, for certainty.
To be revisited
  • Then by chapters (work in progress):
Revisiting this book
Correct the links to "/Fourth Edition" on all pages
Got bogged down in Neighborhood Spaces, and I have basically skipped the exercises. Reworking, getting the edition correct:
Work needed on establishing rigorous definitions and understandable interpretations of a general cartesian product of a family of sets indexed by an uncountable set.
To be reprocessed from start.
(Chapters consisting of nothing but detailed calculation have not been implemented. Exercises also not done.)
Need to go through and correct the edition throughout -- it has been cited as the $1970$ consistently.
The full documentation of both $0$ and $1$ has been skipped, through laziness.
due to be reprocessed
Second pass needed. Many examples not documented.
Redo from start
Redo from start
Redo from start
Mostly complete up to this point. Much of the detailed work on algorithms has been left undone.
to be reviewed
to be reviewed

More or less complete

Section $39$ has been omitted as it is a discursion with an imprecise structure.
The bulk of the exercises remain to be documented.
except for a number of sundry results in section $142,857$

Other progress

Prime number sequence: 733